Friday, October 19, 2012

A question of tipping

I was listening to a big discussion about tipping the other day and it brought to light some interesting questions.

Okay, how much do you tip your hair stylist? There were various answers to this. One teacher said she never tips her stylist because the woman owns her own salon in her home and doesn't have to pay booth or chair rental so all the money she makes on "hair" is hers. Several woman agreed with this. A couple teachers said they tips the girls are Great Clips but he consensus seemed to be if you own the salon then you don't get tipped. Is that right?

And does anyone feel bad about not tipping at a restaurant? Isn't a tip supposed to be for good service? If I have a rude waitress who does not courtesy check and I have to ask for refills or my cheque, I am not a happy person. I'm not an idiot about it though. I've waited tables. I look around and see how busy a waitress is- over worked? A huge section? A huge party? Tables with lots of little kids? Tables with Senior citizens? Also, I don't usually blame the waitress for poorly prepared food. She's not the cook. And most of the time I don't hold her accountable if it's cold. If a waitress has 2 tables and she's more concerned with flirting with the guys at the bar and never offers me a refill or asks how my food is and I have to ask for my bill- twice- does she deserve a tip? I've been in her shoes and I know what being a good waitress is. I know what being a mediocre waitress is. A tip is a gratuity for GOOD SERVICE. It's not an obligation, right? Am I the only person who feels this way?

Also, who much do you guys tip at Starbucks? I usually drop my change in because it's 92cents. Should I leave more? At my usual Starbucks I don't mind tipping because even if my drink sucks, they will fix it. And what about the self serve coffee bars? My hometown has a locally owned coffeehouse. They have 3 types of brewed coffee each day and it's self serve. I don't ever tip if I walk in, pour my own coffee if a cup I take off the shelf and pay with exact change and never had to interact with the barista except to say 'good morning.' Is that bad?

Do you tip if you have nothing but a buffet? The waitress gives you a drink, for me probably water and then that's it. Do I have to tip her? What's a proper tip for the pizza delivery guy? Dry cleaners? Bell hop? I never know.

I don't mind giving a tip. I really don't. And because I've walked in those shoes, I'm usually pretty generous giving anywhere for 20-25% if I had excellent service. But I'll be damned if I'm going to tip someone who gives me crap service. Am I in the wrong? Do we just tip everyone now regardless of service, just because the economy sucks? Because the server MIGHT be having an off/ bad day?

Really, I just want to know... And eat. I really want to eat more than know.



Lilith said...

Tips actually stands for, "to insure proper service." If I don't get proper service, they don't get a tip! If I got great service, they get a great tip.

I usually tip my hair stylist and I never tip at Starbucks or any other place that makes coffee-like drinks. The people there make WAY more than the average waitressing wage of $2.35 (or whatever it is now), hence the reason i don't tip them.

Bragger said...

I tend to OVER tip, especially when I'm paying with Hubby's card. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Jimmie Earl said...

I am a "good service, good tip" kind of guy. I leave a dollar at a buffet, but no more, and as far a s hairdressers go, whether or not the shop is in the home is not criteria for tipping. If you get a good "do" or a good haircut, the hairdresser deserves a tip. Back again to the good service, good tip plan. A shop owner had exorbitant water and power expenses, and tips do help defray that cost. Your mom did both in her hairdresser days, and always appreciated, but got very few, tips.

Wiley said...

I probably have a reputation as a horrible tipper. I've found it a hard adjustment coming from a place where waitstaff get paid a decent wage and don't rely on tips, so tips are reserved for exceptional service. I also haven't come to terms with the idea you have to tip just about everyone in your life. I've never tipped my hairdresser or my dry cleaner. Probably won't ever. I pay them plenty enough already!
That said, at least in restaurants I usually tip 15-20% There are only a handful of occasions I've tipped less, usually for abysmally poor service. And then I'm a real b*** tipping a few cents so they know I took the effort but not enough to make the tip anything more than a "you really sucked today" message.