Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wonderful day

I had a such a nice birthday! The actual day of I went to dinner with my family at McAlister's Deli which is one of the best food places in the world! I'm so thankful my family all got together to celebrate with me. And i appreciate the lovely gifts!  Curley sent me a stunning bouquet of flowers, too.

I got a special birthday surprise from fell blogger Evil Pixie! Thank you so much, dear! She made me a beautiful necklace, and also gave me a high heel cookie cutter!!! And the cutest notepad with pink shoes!

I had a pedicure with XRay Girl, which was so nice. And I had lovely texts, cards, messages, emails, tweets, etc from family and friends, near and it far.

Also, Photographer took me out for a wonderful supper at a local fancy-pantsy place, and the guy I see also turned a whole weekend into all about me with great food, a shopping spree, and a nice massage!

It was a lovely birthday! I think I'll do this once a year. Maybe twice!


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Curley said...

Glad you had a nice birthday, cause we love you.