Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Movin' Out!

Mac moved out-- again. But this time for real. Or "for reals" at the kids say nowadays. Anyway...

Mac moved out last summer in a hissy fit moment and it lasted not even 2 weeks and he came home. He's now working full time and he loves it. He's been there for 3 months (approx) and yesterday he and his buddy decided to get the heck out of the nest and they flew the coup to their own apartment.

It's clean, it's affordable, it's really cool, it's in a pretty okay neighborhood, and it's theirs. All utilities are included except for phone/cable and Internet. The Landlord seems nice and the lease seemed fair. It has awesome hardwood floors and neat woodwork. I'm actually a little jealous.

Mac moved 2 nights ago. Well, if you can call it moving when you own nothing but clothes, movies, books, video games, and a TV. The other kid is in the same situation. But it's their place and they are so happy and pretty proud- as they should be. Someone is giving them a couch. Mac acquired a new bed (can you believe his sperm donor GAVE HIS AWAY????????????????? Oh, Mac was sleeping on a spare ) and they're going to the thrift store on Saturday to see about acquiring a chair and a coffee table. And pots and pans.

I'm hoping this all works out for the best for both of them because if not, they're stuck. With each other and the one year lease. And because I want good things for both boys, of course!

Now I can runaway and join Europe... or the circus!


Bragger said...

Congratulations to Mac. And Maggie!

Jimmie Earl said...

Just don't become a trapeze artist. I know operating "without a net" is your forte, but rethink that occupation, please. LOL!
Sure is quiet and peaceful around here! Yea!!!