Monday, October 8, 2012

People who Tweet Me

Lately I've had some super cool Twitter things happen!

I will tweet company names sometimes, if I happen to be talking about them, and I've gotten some tweets back, and some retweets! McAlister's Deli has tweeted back to me lots of times, and retweeted me, too! I only get there a couple times a month, if I'm lucky, and I'm usually very excited about it so I tweet that experience. They even tweeted me on my birthday! I got a retweet from Starbucks, too, one time, which was cool.

I love celebrity twitter interaction. Author Jennifer Weiner, who must be one of the coolest, smart people on the planet, has actually engaged in a Twitter conversation with me. OMG! It was cool. She gave me writing and publishing advise, and another time something I tweeted made her smile, and she told me so. I thought that was cool. Actor Richard Schiff has favorited me a couple times, as has author Christopher Moore, which makes me want to turn cartwheels. Chopped Grill contestant who became an overnight celeb Kent Rollins has also tweeted conversation with me! And these are all famous folks who do their own tweeting, not hire it out, so I think it's pretty neat.

I think everyone who's on Twitter should follow all of the above, as well as Pauley Perrette and Neil Patrick Harris. Great celeb tweeters!

I enjoy the everyday folks from around the world I follow, too, who make me laugh or think or roll my eyes. It's a small thing but it does give me a modicum of pleasure so it's all good, right?


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Wiley said...

Richard Schiff?? That is legit! I am just a little bit jealous right now.