Saturday, December 31, 2011

My own personal 'meet cute'

This is so weird. It really is. But full of irony.

A few weeks ago, a funny thing happened to me in Meijer (and I want to say I hardly EVER go to Meijer. Ever. I just don't- too expensive) in Southern Civilization. I was walking into the store and a guy in the parking lot walked into me. He stepped out from between 2 pick up trucks and bumped into me. He apologized all over the place and his buddy admonished him and we all laughed and walked inside together.

And we all headed in the same direction. And down the same aisle. You know that weird thing when you keep seeing the same person/ people in the store and you keep nodding or something? Well, finally these guys and I just kept laughing so hard and we all introduced ourselves, shaking hands. We finally parted ways BUT we all ended up in the check out together and in the same line. So we started making stalked jokes with each other, and we all walked back out together.

One of the Sam's was cute and nice and he flirted with me the most and he wasn't wearing a ring. It was just weird and funny.

I got in the car and told Daddy-O and he and I laughed about it.

The next day XRay Girl and I were chatting and I told her about it an she gave me hell for not getting this guy's number. She said most people just don't have the chance to meet a cute guy and hit it off and then leave. She said if it's meant to be then he and I would run into each other again. I have to admit that while I wasn't in cruising the Meijer story rows looking for him, I would just check out my surroundings when I was in Southern Civilization, at the mall or Starbucks, or at Applebees. I never saw him.

So last night, Photographer and I were in that same Meijer- she was doing her weekly shopping and as we pulled in the parking lot, I told her about those guys. When she and I were going through the check out, there he was. He looked at me and smiled in recognition and waved me over to where he stood. Photographer went to the car and I walked over to him and he said, "[Maggie!!!] You're here! Finally!" He remembered my name...! (Okay I remembered his as well.)

Then he introduced me to... his 3 year old daughter. Yup. In the short span of conversation, he said he wasn't married, his ex worked at the Meijer and on his custody weekend, they would go in so she could see her mom, he'd thought about me often and asked for my number.

And I gave it to him.

Yeah, I gave a man in Meijer, a total stranger, my cell number. Good idea or bad? Dunno.

I did, however, call XRayGirl as soon as I got home and told her about it and she said if I hadn't given him my number she would kick my ass. She also said she would go along and act like a stranger to keep an eye on me, just in case he did call and ask me out. She said it was a total "Maggie" thing because shit like that doesn't happen to real people, only in the movies.

And then later last night, oh around 9pm, he sent me a text and we texted back and forth for a bit and he asked if I wanted to meet him at Starbucks for coffee.

He said he didn't believe in the 3 day rule.

Is meeting for coffee, in the middle of the afternoon, when we have both established we had other plans for later, a date?

Do I want a date?

Am I over ITSam?

Is it too soon?

Am I crazy??? (Okay, this one I can answer: yes!)

This sort of stuff doesn't usually happen to me so I guess I'm going... Updates will be forthcoming.

She who is a girl with a... coffee thing,


Bragger said...

I think your "date" is safe enough... both literally and figuratively. I DO NOT think it's too soon, and I DO believe in fate. Have fun!

(I've missed you while I've been out of town!)

Jimmie Earl said...

I'm not one to give dating advice, but GO! Sounds like fun and nothing is going to happen to you in Starbucks. Let him buy you a fru-fru coffee, and if he does, then all is good. Beware of dads lurking in parking lots, though!
Isn't there a country and western song about meeting someone when you least expect it, maybe someone you meet on the train or in the "coffee shop." I know Reba doesn't mention Meijer's, but the thought is just the same!!

sam said...


1. YES
2. Oh Lord, I hope so.
3. No. Only if you were widowed.
4. The jury's still out on this.

How exciting! Have fun.

Did your dad write yesterday's comment before you told him of this? That would be cool!

Happy New Year!


Evil Pixie said...

It's a date, but it's a safe date. Go! Have fun!

Curley said...

Ditto what everyone else said. Go have fun, get to know him and then drive yourself home. Don't give him your address yet. Take it slow. Oh yeah, only a little crazy.

Shan said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes! That WAS certainly a meet cute alright! :D