Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mac the man

I love love love Mac. I would do anything for him. That's how it is for our kids; it is that we would do anything for them, even if it isn't in our own best interest, no matter how much of a turd he can be, good or bad, as a mom I feel like it's life or death for my kid, should it come to that. All that drama being said... on a more down to Earth note...

Even though the last few months have been especially stressful since he quit school and he's not sure what he wants out of life now, I still love him. Even when I want to kick his ass I still love him.

Even yesterday when I Tweeted not nice things about him, I still love him. (I feel bad about my smarmy, smartass Tweets actually...)

He's cracked me up the last two days because Mac has given up all drinks except for water for about 3 years now. He quit drinking soda cold turkey and the kid lives on water. Lately, with the cold weather, he's been drinking hot chocolate. He's become the "at home chocolatier" and seems to have mastered the right blend of milk and cocoa with the right drinkable temperature. Which makes him all jacked up on caffeine. Which means he NEVER SHUTS UP!!!!!

Now those of you who know me in person might think his incessant speaking would be heredity. But this is talking without breathing, I think. No pauses. Just rapid fire, bullet words. It lasts about 15-20 minutes and then the caffeine and sugar high crash him.

I also feel bad for him because he is sick. The poor kiddo. He has one of those nasty winter colds with chest congestion with rattling breathing and nasty coughing and a runny nose. (He offered to show me his snot. While that's really gross, it also tells us all how sick he is if he thinks his snot is an interesting color enough to share with others...) I'm pumping him full of Day-quil and Ny-quil. He's just laying on his bedroom floor, playing video games. I'm going to offer him soup for dinner and see if he wants Jell0 and 7-Up.

No matter how old he is, he's still my little kid when he gets sick.

I guess that no matter how old he is, he is still my kid, sick or not.

Mac's Mom,


Curley said...

I get what you mean about your kid. Take that times 2 in my case. Sorry that Mac is feeling so icky. Tell him I hope he gets better soon. And I have heard Mac talk when he is very excited about the subject he is talking about. How can you tell the difference between that and caffeine talk? Just kidding.

Evil Pixie said...

I'm in the same boat as Mac. Sick as heck! Luckily, like Mac, I have my mum. She still smothers me with attention (even when I'm being a snarky smarty pants) and says many of the things about me that you said about Mac (and she even sings Soft Kitty for me). And, I'll be Mac appreciates your mumminess (I know - not a word) as much as I appreciate my mum's mumminess. :)

Maggie said...

Curley- You know, you have a point about excitement and caffeine...

Evil P- I hope you feel better soon!