Sunday, December 11, 2011

And that's all the randomness that's fit to print

I should've done posts called "25 days of Christmas socks" since I have enough to wear a pair for 25 days.

I think the new Chocolate diamonds are ugly. There. I said it. I think they look brown, dirty and cheap rather than elegant. Nasty.

I'm obsessed with the TV show Criminal Minds. I can kill you in about 50 ways and never get caught. Other than the fact blood is icky. I wish Cold Case and Without a Trace reruns were on here.

How lazy am I that I bought a fudge making kit rather than all the separate ingredients? All the stuff came in one box, with a pan. It's supposed to make 1.5 pounds. I thought a kit to allow me to make that much fudge at once is a good thing.

There's a student, a young man, who works with me in the library in the mornings. I want to give him a little Christmas gift. Any ideas? We have so many regulations I'm at a loss. I might just email his case worker to see if he has any suggestions. Cologne?

I organized a cookie swap at work. Seven people other than me agreed so I'll come home on Thursday with 7 dozen different types of cookies. I think I'm going to make 'Snowball Surprises.' These are a mildly sweet dough cookie with a Hershey kiss inside. YUM!

Speaking of cookies, the first week of my Christmas break I'm going to bake- cut out cookies are first on the list. And I'm going to try cranberry bread. And maybe make some mini whoopie pies.

Speaking of Christmas break, I have some serious shopping left--- but that's for a different post!

I had nothing to do this whole weekend. No solid plans where I was expected to be anywhere. I didn't even get called to sub on Friday so I basically slept and watched TV for the last 2 days. I haven't the concentration or patience to read or craft so I just camped in front of the TV and watched a bunch of TV. I haven't even tried to focus on a movie.

It was cold today. It never got above 25 degrees. Since I lived in the Wild West, I could say that's really not a big deal but it felt cold to me. The house was warm and comfy but I just felt cold which seems silly.

Mac saw the commercial for and he associated it with bad water in Africa. And he's decided I'm going to get dysentery if I go to Africa, and die, unless of course I get kidnapped, raped and killed by the freedom fighters first. Ugh!



sam said...

Hey Maggie,

Each person is making 7 dozen cookies? Thatsa lotta cookies!!You still have my address(heehee)?

The wreath laying ceremony was nice yesterday. Chilly and dark gray skies. Misted a bit.

Glad you had a lazy weekend. I STILL haven't finished my tree!


Evil Pixie said...

The guy who works with you in the mornings... Is there a book he likes? It would be a nice tie-in with the library. Cologne runs the risk that he'll put to much on and you'll suffer the consequences. :)

So you have to bake a dozen cookies for everyone for them to walk away with 7 dozen? Wouldn't it be easier to just make your own 7 dozen? Okay, that was the antisocial in me.

Too bad Mac couldn't go to Africa too... It could be an adventure for him.

Fudge kit? That hilarious!

Never been a big fan of Cold Case and Without a Trace, but I love me some Criminal Minds.

Chocolate diamonds are ugly. Not even the word "chocolate" makes them appealing - which is pretty bad.

Maggie said...

sam- watch your email cuz you never know! heehee! I should've come down and help you with the tree; I just knew it! Sounds like the weather wasn't wonderful for the wreath ceremony; I'm sorry.

Evil P- I was thinking book BUT he really likes stuff about gangs or death row or satanism. That presents a small problem... the cool part about the cookie swap is that I can make 7 dozen of the same kind and come home with 7 dozen, with 7 different flavors and I didn't have to do that myself. I like the idea of variety and not making 7 different messes or buy enough ingredients to make 7 sorts... I am NOT taking Mac to Africa and you can't make me! (*wink wink*)... I'm watching a CRIMINAL MINDS marathon on A&E as I write this!!!! Shamar Moore is a major hottie...

sam said...

I meant so you could mail some cookies but if you want to deliver them that would be fine too!

Wiley said...

In terms of a gift, I know it sounds awfully generic and impersonal, but if he's anything like the thousands of youngsters I'm surrounded by (have I mentioned how old being back at school makes me feel?), then a small iTunes gift card would probably hit the spot.

And tell Mac dysentery is the least of the medical woes in Africa. Or don't... ;)