Friday, December 16, 2011

Change, age... feh....I do what I want!

As my wonderfully faithful readers know, I have huge issues surrounding my birthday. Some of them are my own issues (OMG I'm getting old) and some issues aren't exactly mine but still affect me.

So, like those who have gone before me, I am now joining the ranks of the great ones like George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and all US Postal holidays that don't fall on a Monday- I am changing the day I will observe my birthday! Yes, you heard it here first, I will no long celebrate my birthday on 9/26. My NEW day of Observation, the day we will now CELEBRATE my birth, my new "Birthday", the day I want presents and cake and cards and forced familial celebrations... that new day is...

FEBRUARY 26!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason I picked February, you may be wondering, has a nice, rational, Maggie-like logic. First, not January because it's too close to Christmas. No March since that's would be poaching on SisILaw's birthday. Not April because that's the month of Mac's birthday and my mom's birthday was in April as well. Can pick May because I can't poach dad's birthday AND because it's Mother's Day- and I have hope that some day Mac will actually recognize that Hallmark hallmark. June is a possibility but I like winter better. Bro's birthday is July.

Then that brings us to Aug- Dec, which is a little more complicated. My folks lost a baby in August and that happens to be their wedding anniversary. My mom died a few days before my original birthday in Sept. and then there was her funeral, which was also in Sept, and so from around Aug 1 to the end of the year my dad is in a funk with missing my mom. Take the personal stuff in Aug. and Sept. and then the holidays--- well, those are baaaaaad months. No one is cheerful and feels like celebrating my birthday in Sept. My birthday has not always been a great thing but since 2007 when my mom died, my birthday just sucks. No one is happy. And who can blame them? I understand!

So, I've decided since it's my birthday, I can totally change it, right? I can change my hair color and style, I can change my weight, I can change my shoes, and I can change my mind, so why can't I just change my birthday? If people ask, I can say my birthday is in Sept but we always celebrate in February. See, that sounds just fine, right?

And since I'm changing the day we can call "The Day to celebrates Maggie's Life" I'm also going to be 38 on February 26, 2012. And if you think I turned 40 last Sept... well, you're right (but it was the worst birthday in the history of my life & not because I didn't want to celebrate it but because everyone around me were "poopieheads"). But I don't care if I was supposed to be 40 last Sept. If I'm changing my birth date then I can change my age- and I am and I will.

So, in case you missed it, on February 26, 2012 I'm going to be 38 years old.

Feel free to start planning the party now.



Curley said...

You are so funny. Sounds very logical to me. Now is there a special place you would like to have this celebration? Oh and a guest list too.

Evil Pixie said...

Works for me. It also works for me that you're going to be 38. I'm staying perpetually 35 until I'm 50, then I'll allow myself to age to 36. :)

sam said...

Hi Mags,

February is a good month. I would have picked the 29th though. Party like hell next year and stay 38 for a few years.

Your way is good too.


Jimmie Earl said...

In the words of Vinnie Barbarino, "I'm so confused!" I think I will just stick to what I know for sure, but if it makes you feel better, I will pretend that you will be 38 on 2/26.
If you are turning back the clock, then that means I am on 64 and still working. EEwwww! I don't like that at all!

Maggie said...

Curley- you see my logic so you need to explain it to Daddy-O! *wink*

And I think we should celebrate at your house and your Hubby should grill, using his infamous mad grilling skills!!!!

And the usual suspects should be invited.... and Johnny Depp. If anyone could get him there, you could! :)

Evil P- if I didn't have an almost 19 year old son I would totally have decided I was 35 or even 34 but the math works out to make me feel a little... creepy...

sam- damn it i didn't talk to you sooner!!!!! that would've been a kick ass idea!

JE- I think you can still be retired no matter what age. Just claim you're independently wealthy! heehee! And Curley said this posts completely makes sense to her so she can explain and end your confusion. :) :)

Curley said...

Grilling?!? In February? Brrr!

sam said...

Hey Curley....bring out the George Forman grill!!