Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eats

We had our family Christmas a few days ago since my brother drew the short straw and work on Christmas day. This isn't really a big, ugly deal or anything and it was a wonderful day.

My niece and nephew just crack me up with their silly antics and they must've known about Santa's naughty and nice list because they were extra nice and so sweet. I got lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles and smiles and even some high 5's from Fab Finn (who isn't much for kisses for anyone but hi mommy!).

We opened awesome presents and then went out for dinner at a steak house. I loved that I didn't have to cook!

Though today I decided I would cook stuff for the next few days so I could keep on relaxing. I didn't want to spend all of tomorrow cooking even though we're only going to see a movie. I have to work my weekend receptionist job- which I am doing right now!- so my brain was in work mode already. So I got up this morning, and none too early mind you, and tackled cleaning the kitchen first so I could cook.

I boiled and deboned chicken for a chicken casserole, which I stirred up after said chicken was cooked and... de-boneable (I know that's not a word and it even sounds sorta dirty...). I also fired 2 pounds of bacon and made 2 breakfast casseroles. I fried up hamburger for tomorrows chili, then I made 2 dips/ spreads: cheese dip for crackers or veggies, and a dill dip which we put on small slices of pumpernickel bread. I didn't get the brownies baked or the sour cream coffee cake made so those are on tomorrow's agenda. And the corn muffins (those are better hot so they had to wait, in my personal opinion. But it's not that hard to open a box, add eggs and pour! Right?)

By the time I got to work (and I volunteered to work so no pity parties!) and I put up all the mail here and then I got things situated for the rest of the night, I was wiped out! Who knew that pre-working could take so much time?

And you know when you cook lots of stuff and you think you have everything? Well, I thought I was out of eggs but found a dozen had been shoved to the back of the fridge. I ran out of bread but Daddy-O had hid an extra loaf. I had just enough milk plus a glass. The only thing that was messed up with dill weed. We have a shelf in the pantry that has about 50 different types of spices on it. NO DILL WEED! I went through them several times and made Daddy-O look because I could be blind and there was no dill for the DILL DIP. I said screw it but Daddy-O ventured out to Wally World in search of said spice. And he found the LAST ONE in all of town (he called to see if dill seed would work. I had to call my friend with the recipe who said that would no be an acceptable substitution and had to text him back. He prevailed and found one anyway!) You know me and holiday food- it's almost the point for ANY holiday!

So, it's Christmas eve and almost all the food is prepared and stockings are hung and the children are gonna be snug in beds... and I don't have to cook on Christmas. Unless I want coffee cake. And brownies. And corn muffins...

Happy Christmas,


Bragger said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Mwah!

Curley said...

Yum, sounds really good. I think I'll come to you house. Would be quiter there that where I'm gonna be. Have a Merry Christmas with your son and your Dad. Love to all.

Evil Pixie said...

Yum! Happy Christmas! Can you feel that? That was me giving you a holiday hug (they're very rare and considered quite valuable). :)