Friday, June 14, 2013

Fender Bender Blues

I told ya I got a brand new car last November, right? A Chevy Cruz I named Ms. Hepburn? Well, Ms. Hepburn was hospitalized!

I was headed to the State Capital City on a Friday night. In a construction zone. In the middle of a thunder storm. Merging onto the Interstate. In rush hour traffic. Oh yes, no wonder! With all these elements in place, of course there was a fender bender. The guy behind me was following too closely or wasn't paying attention in the stop/ start traffic and when i hit the breaks, he didn't; he hit me! Not only did he hit me, he hit me so hard it pushed me into the car in from of me! I was the filling in a car wreck cookie!

Everyone was fine. No ambulance was needed. i was also happy Giles wasn't riding shotgun that day! No one ended up claiming injury later.

Thankfully the dude who hit me had insurance which covered my car repairs! Yay! And the cost of a rental car- also yay!

I still was very sad that my NEW car was whacked.

Thankfully it was all cosmetic. And yes I know it could've been lots worse. My car took the brunt of the whole thing, too. The guy who hit me had a super crappy, old SUV and it looked like the bumper might've been slightly askew. The guy I was pushed into was also in a crappy SUV and it dented his bumper a little,

Ms. Hepburn needed new bumpers- front and rear, new hood and trunk, grill, 3 side panels and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was actually drivable after the accident, believe it or not. All three of use drove our vehicles away. And it didn't break a single light (head, tail, break, etc) on my car. I was just crunchy.

I called my insurance guy from the wreck site while waiting for a cop to arrive. I had his mobile number so I was happy to have hi guidance in all this.

And I got Ms. Hepburn back from the garage yesterday and she's all new and shiny again. And the new car smell is back!

One thing that was NOT covered by insurance- all my bumper stickers. They were all ruined and are gone. Damn insurance!

Maggie (and Ms. Hepburn)

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Jimmie Earl said...

Glad that Ms. Hepburn is back in the locality. She's a beauty!