Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday morning= weather chaos!

9am today:
Our power went out last night about 10:45pm and it was a huge storm, or series of storms here in the Midwest. The day's temp had climbed to 91 degrees so even though it was almost midnight, it was HOT! Power out means we had no AC so it was hot and sticky. It was impossible to have the windows open because of the rain- it was actually blowing horizontally so sleep was a huge mess between the lightening, thunder, wind, rain and heat.

I finally fell asleep around 1 am and woke up early - still no power. I took a super-fast luke warm shower and got dressed. I was really early for me, around 6:45am. I called work to see if the school had power-we did- so I packed all my hair supplies thinking I would style it when I arrived- otherwise I was dressed and ready.

I took the dog outside for his morning constitution and there was a huge branch across the drive way and another one in the ally. I moved both of those and loaded my stuff in my car. Ugh- Electric garage door opener!! I had to use the manual pull and lift the door, which was heavy and took 4 tries.

And that's when I saw the gutter problem. And a huge tree in our front yard split down the middle. Uh-oh... Dad came out the door at that time and I pointed out the tree. He asked if I would stay home to help him so I called the boss and left a message about the damage. Dad and I tackled  trees first. Thankfully the split tree in the front yard wasn't. An enormous branch from a tree across the road was thrown into our tree giving it the illusion it was split! Yay!

While dad worked to clean up the rest of the debris, I called the roof guy because the stormed ripped up some of his new roof that just went on 2 weeks ago! A gutter was torn off. Furthermore, a corner chunk of the house is damaged where another loose piece of gutter is hanging. We were afraid to rip it off that it would pull part of the house off, leaving a hole in the master bathroom and closet, if we pulled it off- we think- so it's still hanging there.

Dad took pictures while I called the roof guy and the electric company. The roofer said he would get there today,  and there's not ETA of reconnection of power from the Energy Company for our neighborhood. And of course all our house phones are cordless so the house phone isn't working; neither is the coffeepot.

I finally left for work and my car made a "thump thump thump really fast" noise from the rear passenger side. I went directly to the garage and the body shop manager drove it around. Apparently I had tree debris caught up in the wheel well. So, the car seems to be fine...

I finally got to work, and walked in only 15 minutes late even though I was originally going to be an hour early. Until I went outside..

I did my hair in the library!

Dad has his cell phone and will keep me posted of insurance/ roof/ electricity/ more storm/ etc.

And I am very thankful that no one was hurt. There's so much weather related tragedy in our country of late that I do know how luck we are. I don't mean to sound ungrateful. It still was a sucky way to start the day!

Still no power.

Roofer arrived and is fixing it! He also removed the dangling gutter and didn't cause a huge hole!

Can't reach the insurance company because they are still without power.

Dad found gutter fixer guys who are coming tomorrow morning!

2:03pm UPDATE!

Will try the insurance company again!

So, how is YOUR day?


Curley said...

We finally got power about 3:20. Boy did that shower feel really good. Anyone who needs firewood for the winter shouldn't have any problem finding some in this county.

Maggie said...

Curley- I said the same thing to dad about firewood!