Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Round, round, get around, I get around

I had to get a new car. I don't have a bunch of money or anything to suddenly handle this but it was necessary.

Mac got a job delivering pizza, which I've mentioned before. He borrowed a car from X-Ray Girl and was trying to save money to buy one of his own. X-Ray Girl needed her car back sooner than she anticipated so now Mac had no car. Daddy-O and I had a discussion and decided to just make a few calls to see if I could find a car for Mac and we would help him make payments, thinking we could find a 'clunker' and between the three of us we could help him make a $100 a month payment, or something like that.

Well, after a few phone calls and driving through car lots, it came to pass that I could get a car!!!!! I could afford a payment! I was able to do a 2 year lease on a 2012 Chevy Cruze! Wow! Yay!

I love, love, love this car. It's the first new car I've ever had. I love driving it. It's so much fun and nice. I have power locks and doors that work. I have a keyless remote! AND I have a remote starter which is one of the coolest things ever. I also have a trial subscription to XM radio which I think I would sacrifice drinking Starbucks to pay for that each month- I swear that's a dream, a luxury. I love this car.

And since I have this great, fabulous, awesome new car, I thought it should have a name. The Malibu is/ was affectionately called "The Blue Goose." So I had to name this baby. But what? Ah the choices. A boy or a girl? And then it had to be perfect and befitting. It had to fit her and me. She's sleek and classy but fun and has a zippy personality. She runs quietly and gets the job done. She's popular and well loved. What better name than.... *drum roll please!*... Ms. Hepburn!

Yes, I call my car Ms. Hepburn: when she's being playful and sassy she could be Katherine and when she's quiet and classy she could be Audrey. My car, the Ms Hepburn. She and I will rule the world!

Oh yeah... then I gave Mac the Malibu, aka "The Blue Goose." He then had a car to drive. It seemed all issues were solved.

Until he was driving one night and was hit by a deer.

If you ever wondered if life can be easy, the answer to that would be no. So we have a new car, a totaled car and a kid who needs to deliver pizza.

I'm not going to finish this saga now; that way I'm forced to be back tomorrow to finish the rest of the story!

Crusin' around,

And you can read about my new Greyhound dog here!

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Curley said...

Ok, it is now Thursday evening and I don't see the rest of this story. Oh right, I already know the rest of the story. But not everybody else does. Come on spill the beans. And Ms Hepburn is a honey of a car.