Thursday, January 3, 2013

Those pesky Resolutions part II

I really hate all the articles I'm reading about "hey, who already broke their New Year's resolutions?".  Maybe because I, sorta, already broke mine and I don't like it being rubbed in my face.

I say sorta because I have and I haven't. I guess though, if I didn't do it, it means "broke" for any reason whatsoever. First the list of resolutions I have completed to date:
  • First, I went back on my diet. Check!
  • Second: I am still loving my new dog, which is so easy to do because he is adorable! Check!
  • Third: make something I pinned on Pinterest at least once time a month. I actually did this today! I made a giant 3-D snowflake, which would've been super cool if I would've been smart enough to take a picture of it. As it is, you need to take my word for it, that I did it. And here's a link with the directions and a picture of what I did. Check!
  • Make time to do fun and relaxing things is the goal. Last night I watched 7 episodes of The Voice that I had on DVR. I laid on the couch and watched one after the other. Tonight I'm watching re-runs of Criminal Minds while I write this blog. I went to Hobby Lobby and Kohl's with my dad and had coffee which I'm still drinking while wearing my jammies.
 Now here's the list of what I have NOT done yet but it doesn't mean I "broke" my resolutions... yet!
  • I haven't exercised yet. My resolution said "exercise" with no other stipulation. So I haven't done it. I think if the entire month goes by and I haven't exercised at all, then we could say I officially didn't do the goal.
  • Find a full time job. I haven't FOUND the job yet. I think this is one of those resolutions that if I get all the way through 2013 and it hasn't happened this I think it's a fail. This is the 3rd day of the year so I haven't expected a miracle. Since I'm being honest and telling all, I have not had time to apply or search for a job yet, this year. Not a fail or "broke", again because of the nature of the goal and its wording.
  • Read more. I haven't read anything yet. In my mind, my mental goal is to read at least 52 books this year. Last year I read 67 and before that I read more than 100  a year. But to date, I haven't read anything. I don't think this is a fail either, and it will take awhile before it can be determined if I succeed this goal. Note: as always, I have books to read: The Snow Child, The Receptionist, The Kitchen House, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts, and The End of Your Life Book Club. I'm going to read Sanctuary this weekend because it's for my women's book club.
 Guess that brings me to the one and only resolution I have truly broken. I said I wanted to use my camera every single day. I have not. I took pictures on 1/1/13/ That was it. I could cheat and run through the house, snapping pictures left and right but that still means I didn't take a thing yesterday. So yes, I broke it. And you know what really sucks about this one? One my way to work yesterday morning, there was a beautiful sun rise on the way to work, with a clear field of snow with a red barn in the distance- a perfect Midwest winter and I thought to myself "I wish I had my camera!". And that was that.

So I suck. Busted. 

Maybe I can still conquer the rest of them?????

Rule breaker,


Lilith said...

I thought you took your camera with you everywhere?

Maggie said...

Lilith- I hate to have it bouncing around in the bottom of my purse and I can't carry my camera bag and purse. I'm looking for a better camera cover/case to protect it while it's in the bottom of my purse.