Friday, January 18, 2013


Daddy-O went on his annual snowbirding trip to the Lone Star state. He left last Friday and will be gone around 2 weeks- the spring thaw; whenever he feels the need to come home. So until then, I have the house to myself! Whoot-whoot! go me!

However, Mother Nature has had different plans for me for the first week of my solo single girl life running the house. While I thought I'd be doing my thing: cooking, listening to music at top volume, watching movies and TV shows he would hate, having the girlfriends over for supper or movie nights, instead, it's been a totally different experience.

I have had the flu. Or one hellva cold.

I got home a week ago today from taking him to the train station. I got to the house at 10:30pm LAST Friday night and didn't leave the house until noon on Wednesday when I thought I felt well enough to go back to work. And frankly, that wasn't even the case. I felt guilty that my students didn't have new library books and I feel guilty when I miss that much work. So I went.

But since waking up last Saturday I've felt terrible. My ears hurt, my throat was sore, I have a runny nose, cough, congestion, aches, pains, upset stomach "issues", eyes were aching and scratchy, and just felt crummy all over. The only thing I didn't have was a fever.

And today the ears don't hurt but I still have all the other stuff. I was planning to substitute teach today and undecorate the office for Christmas tomorrow and work my part time weekend receptionist job this weekend and ow.... blech.

All I am doing is laying on the couch until I have to go to the receptionist job at 4pm. There will be no decoratinung and there was no subbing.

I'm working on my 3rd box of Puffs. I've drank tons of cups of tea, 7-up, and coffee. Nyquil is my friend as is Tylenol.

And this whole week there was nothing fun but laying on couch and sleeping or watching crap TV. (Okay, I did watch some "good TV"; I finally caught up on all the stuff I've DVR-ed over the last 5 months, so I guess we could say I did accomplish something.) My eyes hurt so much that I didn't even want to read. I felt so crappy that I couldn't concentrate, anyway. I didn't watch movies either because I couldn't concentrate that long. I have the fireplace on and the dog and I just lay here. I hope he can't get sick...!

I bet Daddy-O is glad he hasn't been here for the 'sick girl' experience. Hell, I'm the sick girl and I don't want to be here. Ugh!

I hope everyone is feeling well and healthy, though! I wouldn't wish this stuff on anyone!

Sniffly, stuffy,

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Curley said...

I'm sorry you are sick. From all the ones I have talked to that have had this mess say it seems to take forever to get over it. We all had the intestional bug here and it lasted 2 days and then we felt better. I think that would be better than the respitory bug.