Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making the most of a dumb schedule

We had a teacher day today. First, I just want to put a reminder out there that we only have school Mon-Thursday (yes we have every Friday off) but we are a year round school, NOT on a balanced calendar. That being said, we didn't have school on Monday since it was part of our Christmas vacation, we were off Jan. 1 because it was New Year's Day so today is a teacher day.

We have students tomorrow. Do the math. Yes. You are right.

We are going to have kids tomorrow, just 1 single day, and then we all have the three day weekend. Yup.

I have no idea who the brain trust was behind this genius scheduling but yes, it is stupid. Kids in general are hard to get in the mind set of school after a long holiday but OUR kids at Alcatraz are even worse. And then to get them for just a day? Not the best thing I've ever heard in my life.

Tomorrow is going to be a very looooooooooooong day, I just have a gut instinct about it!

Anyway, today was a teacher day. All the certified folks in the building and all the administrators were scheduled to be in a training. So that left me, 2 secretaries, our IT guy, and an administrative assistant to do stuff in the building.

I found stuff to do. Part of my job is to give reading assessments to incoming students and do the new student orientation so I decided to get a jump on tomorrow. I got 6 of our new kids together and did all their testing and their orientation. Yay me for being ahead!

Now I'm ready for anything weird that could- and probably will- happen tomorrow. After all, I work at "Alcatraz".

Librarian in action,


Kim Miller said...

ROFLMBO...Alcatraz...sure you aren't a teacher at the eldest testosterone carrier's school? Nah, but I wish. Would love to send them to school year round with fridays off...that i could forseeably handle!! Have fun tomorrow Mags and yay you for getting a jump on things!!!

Curley said...

Good luck today and hope it isn't too bad. Just remember it's only one day then you are outta there.