Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What are you reading?

I've struggled with how to start this post or even what direction to take it. Part of me wants to say "do people read anymore?" because I don't know a lot of people who do that I can have conversations with about books. Or could say "Why aren't people reading stuff that is similar to what I read?" Or "why don't my friends and family read books I'd like?". And that could also leave them asking "well, why don't you read things WE like?" which is a good question BUT this post is about me and my reading habit, not yours. And I say that in jest and with good humor, you guys!

I miss being around people who share the same interests in reading what I read, or who have a diverse taste in books so we can have conversations about literature. I do not mean that to sound all smarmy or snotty or intellectually bitchy. My friends and family are smart and witty and fun, which are a few reasons why I love them. But we don't have a lot in common in the literary world. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but I just miss a stimulating conversation or debate about books and reading, best sellers, authors, context and characterization, new releases, and the merits of classics or anything other sort of strange bibliophile conversation.

Reading is essential to me as food and air and sleep; heck, sometimes I even sacrifice those things FOR books. And I love to talk about things I read. Daddy-O, bless his heart, will listen to me ramble or rage or tear on about a book; I'm so thankful he will hear me out and give an ear to my words about something I read, even if he doesn't give a hoot. I'm lucky and thankful he indulges me. And though he reads tons of stuff, we rarely read the same sorts of books. Which is fine. It just doesn't lend itself to a bookish conversation.  

One of my favorite things to ask is "what are you reading" and I hope for 1) a great book recommendation; and, 2) a stimulating conversation. I love the whole "oh I read that! What did you think of SoandSo?" and then we're off and running.

Daddy-O says what I read is intellectual/ smart stuff (I think he really means "weird") but I think I just read what I like, which is fairly diverse. He and I had the conversation that since I work where I work I don't often have a chance to flex my brain and engage in smart conversation or to have my brain motivated and all the synapses firing so he thinks I have to read "smart" stuff- chewy books so I can get my smart on/ turn on my brain.  I don't know about all that but it's as good as an explanation as any, I'd say.

But these days it's just not happening for me. There's no clicking for me, with other people, when talking about books lately. I miss book-ish conversation.


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Lilith said...

I miss our book talks! I miss when we would read the same book and then meet up to discuss it. We really should start doing that again!