Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good-bye Ms. Hepburn, Good-bye GreenBean, Hello Scout, Hello--?

Two years ago after Mac got his first job and needed a car, Daddy-O helped me lease a Black Chevy Cruze that I endearingly named Ms. Hepburn so Mac could have The Blue Goose (aka the Malibu). She and I had a lot of adventures over 2 year but alas, in June I was nearing my mileage "deadline" and it was either trade her in, buy her, or keep her for a few more months and pay 25 cents per mile.

Through much finagling, we (daddy-O to the rescue again!) I was able to BUY a new car; the best deal was to buy a new one rather than buy Ms. Hepburn. So I bid her farewell and said hello to my new set of wheels: a bright blue 2014 Chevy Sonic:

A little smaller than the Cruze but still a sweet car, and it's a BUY not a lease so no more mileage worries- which is great because as of today I would be over my allotment by 3,000 already! And yes, there is ALSO a keyless/remote starter! AND-- with this car, I can actually use a free On-Star perk and start the car with my MOBILE phone! How. Freaking. Cool. Is. That?!?

And of course the new car needed a name- and no I was not going to name is Bluey-- to whomever suggested that! A smaller car, a little sportier looking that Ms. Hupburn, a little zippier... of course I named her Scout... yes Scout from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Need I say more?

And after TheGuy had his accident last week, it turned out that his wrecked car that was a green 1996 Ford Taurus station wagon we endearingly called "GreenBean" was totaled. Good-bye GreenBean we loved you so. So... yes, TheGuy had to get a new car, too. Yes, 2014 is the Year of the Car at our place it seems. (Or the Year of the Car payments!). TheGuy didn't get a 2014 but a solid previously owner car... er... SUV. Sorry- it's NOT a car. Oh my! He got a 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor and it's pretty cool:

It's good for us to have an SUV so we can haul stuff and to have leg room. AND to navigate snow!

The debate has raged on what to call the SUV. It was easy for me to pick a name for my car- everyone knew I would go classic film start of literary but for TheGuy it's not so easy... It's not a car and not really a truck. It should have a name. I suggested Yars, after TheGuy's fav Atari game. He liked that. Then the other night  a friend and I were talking. She and I thought we should call it the Batmobile- his vehicle is black and the Dark Knight is my fav comic character. Then the men go into the act and before long it was determined it should be named after TheGuy's favorite comic book hero. So now the SUV is named Steve... Steve the SUV. Steve, after Steve Rogers who is Captain America.

Steve and Scout. Yup. (Between you and me, I'm still going to mentally call it the Batmobile!)

On a side note... I drove the Batmobile Steve yesterday and it's like driving a tank- or what I think driving a tank would actually be like. It's huge and I sit up so high and it was an all powerful feeling! Okay, driving anything after my little Sonic Scout would be huge and powerful but it was pretty nice to be driving along and have the feeling that I owned the road. Being the chicken that I am, though, since it was the first time I had driven the Batmobile Steve I took all the residential roads to work and back home because I was scared of what sort of power I would have on the interstate. The interstate makes me angry. Me in a tank and angry would be a bad combination--- sort Incredible Hulk-like... hmmm.

Now we can both drive with safe vehicles and don't have to try and share one auto. We have one with great gas mileage and one with snow power. I hope we're in a good car place for a long time.

Oh... did I mention Mac is saving for a car as well? 2014- the Year of the Car payment trifecta could be complete if he buys before the end of the year, too. Guess we'll see!

Drive on,

*the pictures in this blog came from Google images and are not pictures I took. These are not pictures of the actual vehicles we own, just a mere likeness.


Curley said...

Pretty nice cars. SUV's are also nice when hauling a dog.

Jimmie Earl said...

Good for you both. Now since "driving Steve" sounds too much like "driving Miss Daisy," I would have to opt for calling the SUV the "Stevemobile" but that's because I have an older brother named Steve, and he never let me drive as a kid! LOL!
I have never named a car, but remember the old green Buick we had that someone I know and love named "green slime."

Have fun driving, and be safe out there "amongst the English.