Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why blog?

I have a lot of personal back story to tell about what's happening with me in the last 9 months. I've taken to Twitter and I've found time for that medium; blogging seems to take more of my brain power than I often have at the end of a day, but I've missed blogging and I've had the desire to write. I've been writing letters to my penpals all over the world, to my friends, and to my family. I've been writing a journal, addressing each entry like a letter to Mac. When each one gets full, I give it to him. Bottom line, though, I've missed blog writing and blog reading. I feel like I need to let my brain do something creative daily- I'm going to be very unhappy if I don't get my creative outlet.

Didn't I hear somewhere that if people want to write they should write every day, even if they write something every day?

Oh, I do write every day but not creatively. I write hundreds of emails. I write reports. I do research projects and compile abstracts (or summations) of what I researched for my boss. I write instant messages to staff. I write contracts and proposals, so yes I do write but nothing fun.

One thing hasn't changed, I still with I could be a writer. I'd love to write a book.

If I could train my brain I'd work my day job and then come home and write for several hours at night. But I can't do it. Maybe "can't" isn't the right word. I spend all day, for 8-10 hours a day in front of three computers. My brain works hard. At night, there's laundry to do and dinner to be fixed, cleaning to be... cleaned? I have at least a 1 hour commute home. I'm in a small apartment- small to the tune of 600 square feet- with 2 other adults and my 69 pound Greyhound Giles. I seriously have my computer in the corner of the living room, instead of having a dining table. My computer is next to a 50 inch television. I am NOT whining and I am not complaining. I'm really trying to give a realistic representation of how challenging it would be to write.

By the time I make my hour commute home, fix dinner, eat, dishes and would leave to go to the local Starbucks to write, I would have about 1.5 hours before they close.

I'm not whining or complaining but it certainly does sound like excuses. Yeah, all that you can do anything you put your mind to it stuff-- I'm almost 43 years old and I'm tired.

So blogging... yeah. That's part of the reason I'm blogging again. I need a creative outlet. I like an audience who isn't going to redline my work. I want to pretend I'm a writer.

Thanks for reading me and giving me an audience, for being my audience.

Letting the writing commence,



Jimmie Earl said...

Yes please! I love reading your blog because you tell us stuff we (I)wouldn't know otherwise. You are such a creative writer, I know that book is in there just waiting, and waiting, and waiting! Go for it!

Curley said...

I very much agree with Jimmie Earl. I would stand in line to get a book that you wrote. Keep up the good writing.