Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A wild trip to the grocery store

A few weeks ago, we went to an international market outside of Cincinnati called Jungle Jim's. I can't put into words how amazing and fun this place was! There was an entire section of American, traditional groceries, but the rest of the store was broken into regions of the world, of countries and continents. I just was overwhelmed- in a good way. There were tons of free samples, and amazing foods. There were huge live fish and poultry and... well, just a "wow" shopping experience. This wasn't some little shop; it's a WAREHOUSE of International goodness, and some quirky fun stuff, too! Check out their web site for more!

Singing corn on the cob, scarecrow and stick of butter greeted us as we came in the doors.

These electronic anamatrons were all over the store. This is Elvis in the American food section, singing... what else: "Hound Dog."

Just outside the doors to say hi or farewell...

File under "stuff I didn't buy": green bean ice cream. I think not.

I didn't get this but should've! Those who know me would "get" this!

Yes, this hot sauce actually has a price tag of $5000. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

No idea why we all thought this was hilarious!

Some of the goodies we did get. Yes, that would be Wild Boar bacon!!!!! And of course that's Oscar Wilde on the 10 year old Irish Cheddar. Us Irish lovers and book lovers will buy anything!

Entertainment in the Mexican food section

Hell no we didn't buy this! And I don't know why anyone would. Ick! Ick I say!

Pink pasta!

The bathroom appears to be your ordinary port-a-potty... it's bigger than it looks. Ha- it's actually a regular bathroom with a port-a-potty door!

A beautiful Indian summer day- the view out the car window on the drive home

Who else would be guarding the Great Britain section?
Yes, that is camel meat. Yes, that is kangaroo meat. No we didn't get any but perhaps next time?

I have no idea what I would've done with it but I wanted to buy a stalk. I didn't but...

And last but not least, TimTam cookies. If I'm honest with you, buying TimTams was the main reason we even went to Jungle Jim's to begin with. These are the best cookies in the world, hands down. Even better than Oreos!

The caramel ones are the BEST. And yes, we paid $( per package of these yummies that hail from Australia!


Curley said...

Hope you don't eat them too fast. That makes it a very expensive snack.

Jimmie Earl said...

I looked this place up. What a place. No wonder you had such a great time!

D-nice said...

You should have gotten the sugar cane! You chew on it .Chef loves it!