Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The whoopie pie mess

I decided to make homemade whoopie pies. I just love them from the store and I found a recipe on Pinterest and thought this couldn't be too hard. Well, was I wrong. I feel like it was one cooking disaster after another with that experience.

The recipe called for a cake mix and then add flour and some other ingredients. I did. And I mixed everything in the Kitchen Aid just like the directions said. I used parchment paper and did all the right things. Then I dropped the thick batter my teaspoon fulls onto the paper, set the timer (our oven in accurate) and baked them.

And had HUGE mountainous pillows of lemon cake. Not a round semi-flat circle but a huge mountain of cake. What the hell??? How did that happen? Okay, I thought to myself, don't use a teaspoon just use a half so I did the second batch. And again pillowy, fluffy, HUGE mounds of cake.

Now, there are not going to be made into whoopie pies. Just one piece was about 3-4 inches in height. I have no idea what I did. I re-read the recipe, and I even went online to read comments from other people who made them. No one else commented about having giant cake pieces.

Okay, I figured maybe I could cut them in half, long ways and go ahead and frost them and see what happened. I then used a marshmallow frosting recipe. It actually called for Crisco. Now, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to make it from scratch and the recipe was easy and popular, right from Betty Crocker but I can't remember the last time I used Crisco. With all I know about food and health I wasn't sure I could bear to do it. But after reasoning that my great grandparents ate biscuits made from lard every day of their lives, that using a little bit of Crisco in a frosting recipe probably wouldn't kill me. Probably.

So I made it. I cut one of the huge cookies in half, frosted it, took one bite, chewed twice and spit the whole mouthful into the sink. The Giant Lemon Cookie was fine but the frosting was terrible. I seriously thought I was going to have to gargle with Dawn Dishsoap to cut the greasy feeling on my tongue and teeth. Oh it was so very nasty and gross and just repulsive. I threw up just a little.

Maybe it really tasted like a  hunk of sweet grease or maybe it was psychological but either way there was no way I was going to eat it or share it with anyone else, either. Dow the disposal it went.

So I just used my friend Lori's lemon frosting and it was like eating a little slice of lemon cake, in a cookie shape.

Oh, and what you might be wondering ever happened that caused such a huge cookie? Well, folks, I am here to say it's very important to read labels and not use SELF RISING flour when it doesn't call for such. That my friends, is how some pouffy whoopie pies are made.

But I ended up with some super moist, yummy cookies!


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Curley said...

OMG! I can actually see the oven exploding with Whoopie Cake. Too funny.