Friday, March 22, 2013

Been busy with art club

Raise your hand if you knew that March was Nation Craft Month? Ha, I didn't think so! Hell, I didn't know either until I read it on Twitter (an aside: I have become a total twitter freak in the last few months and I tweet all the time!!!!). Keeping that in mind and because I have been a total slacker with the art club, I decided to make a project a week during the month of March.

I've been slacking because the art club stipend was cut in half from last year. So I've been working with kids one on one and in small groups, on library time, so I didn't have to invest so much of my own time for such little money. But in honor of Nation Craft Month, I've really stepped up to the crafting/ art club plate.

So far this month we made a banner for students to hang in their rooms since they live on the campus. It's cool because it has a paper floret. But if you decide to make them, I have 3 words for you: Hot Glue Gun. Hot glue gun the entire thing together.

We also made duct tape wallets, by favorite standby art project. Easy to do and all the kids- guys and girls- like them. And duct tape now comes in so many fun patterns and colors, it's hard to resist!

Yesterday we made 3-D flowers to hang in their rooms, sort of an Easter/ spring thing.  Actually, I totally cheated because I found, on Pinterest of course, directions to make 3D snowflakes. I just had the kids use pastel papers and rung with pink ribbons and added a green stem and viola, it became a flower instead!

Imagine this in pastel. Looks like  a flower, eh????

 Next week I'll get totally crazy and make chalk/ magnetic boards. I spray painted the cookie sheets with chalk board paint and then the kids will decorate those and also make a few magnets. (they aren't allowed push pins for obvious reasons in a school I've endearingly nicknamed Alcatraz).

The magnets

The chalk board cookie sheets

Go get your Craft on while there's still March left!



Gulo said...

I want a craft teacher.

Gulo said...

I want a craft teacher.