Wednesday, March 27, 2013


listening: audio book SAVAGES and the new Bon Jovi channel on XM radio

eating: lots of junk food

drinking: more coffee than I've consumed in my life

wearing: grey trousers, soft t-shirt in black, with a red silky long sleeved blouse, open like a jacket

feeling: tired and physically out of sorts, but with not one specific symptom that makes sense. just icky and blah

weather: blue skies but all that snow is on the ground, yet melting so it's nice and muddy! And it's cold, cold, cold...

wanting: a new job and new black penny loafers

needing: a nice long break from work

thinking: how hard it's going to be to be in grad school again but so worth it

enjoying: new hobbies like mail art and smah booking

wondering: why I don't feel like working when I do like my job

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