Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stupid New Year Resolutions- I suck

Here the New Year Resolutions I made:
  • Use my new camera to photograph something every single day
  • Go back on my diet (which I strayed from during the holidays) and continue to lose weight
  • Exercise
  • Make something on my Pinterest each month (or more), whether it's a craft or food or DYI home stuff or quilting or sewing
  • Find a full time job with health insurance (then use said insurance to go to the doctor for a check up!)
  • Make more time for me to do fun and relaxing things (maybe this will happen when I have one full time job and not have to keep doing about 5 part time ones...)
  • Read more
  • Keep loving my new dog!!!
Now let me see how well I'm doing...
  • I have NOT used my camera every single day. I don't want to take it out in bad weather has been the biggest reason. The other big reason is because it's so big and bulky. I need to put it in my purse and just deal. I just haven't. I do take pictures, almost daily, with my mobile phone, however. Does that count? Feh, didn't think so.
  • I'm NOT dieting right now. It's hard to diet in the winter. ITSam and I loved to eat and the Capital had so many awesome places to eat and we went out lots. So I'm a dismal failure here.
  • Exercise. Uh.... that would also be a NOT.
  • I have made something from Pinterest each month. Sometimes, even more than one thing a month. In February I made peanutbutter brownies, in January I made a paper snowflake, and in March I've made 4 crafts for art club, as I mentioned yesterday.
  • I found a full time job with insurance that I turned down because the pay was crappy and I couldn't support myself and would've had to rely on ITSam; the turning down of the job then caused us to break up. So I guess I did do it, the way I wrote it. I did FIND a full time job with insurance, I just rejected said job.
  • I am doing fun and relaxing things. I will show you pictures soon, of my mail art projects and my Project Life Smash Book
  • I'm reading at least a book a week so that's on track for a goal
  • And I do love love love my dog. OMG, do I love that dog!
Guess it's not as bad as I thought it would be, for almost the end of March... maybe it will get better as summer approaches....

How are you all doing with your resolutions?


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Curley said...

I didn't make any resolutions, so therefore I am doing great with them.