Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Letter to pizza joint's new owners

Dear new owners of my formerly favorite locally owned pizza place who needs to learn about customer service:

Since you opened your pizzeria- Sally Sicklemeyer's- in my town, I've been a dedicated customer. For the first few months you opened I was there weekly, if not more. My sis-in-law and I loved to bring her babies there, and your former lunch buffet was, by far, the best in town in taste, quality, quantity, and cost. Your food was to die for and your hired help was always great and friendly.

Now you suck.

And you are the new owners so none of this is directed to the people who owned you before because you started sucking when you took over.

One thing I loved was your $4.99 buffet which I was told is now gone. Fine.

You raised you pizza prices. Your food is good but not that good.

But my biggest complaint is a combination of your now crappy customer service and your now new crappier delivery policy.

Here's a little story for you: I work at Alcatraz which is 6 miles out of the city limits. We order from you all the time- well, from your previous owners. We were outside of the regular delivery sphere but because the previous owners were supporters of Alcatraz, they decided to allow their drivers to deliver to us. We house around 110 kids in 10 dorms. We also house about 89 staff and their families in various homes and apartments on our campus. We also have on call staff 27/7 so at any given time we have around 200 people on campus. Staff can, and does, order pizza for our kids. Now I'm sure you know how many pizzas it takes to fee 2 adults and 14 boys between ages 14-17. A LOT, which was around $100, give or take. My point is that while the previous owners allowed delivery outside of the usual delivery area, it was PROFITABLE for the company AND the drivers.

Remember the above.

Imagine my surprise when I called to order for a few of us and the following happened:
1. I was told by a snotty woman- Alecia- that they "no longer delivered to Alcatraz". I said okay and then she put me on hold and came back on to tell me, in her still snotty way, that the new manager said they could deliver this one last time but for a $3 fee. I said okay and ordered our food.

2. I told her I had a coupon for a free order of bread sticks and she put me on hold and came back and said, snottily, that the new managers would go ahead and "honor" the coupon, for now.

3. when I was done with the order she told me I had to get more food because it didn't total $25. I said I didn't know it had to; she said that was the only way they would deliver "that far" and that I better be "ready for lots of new changes coming from the new manager." She also said that the drivers hated to come there. I then raised my voice and told her she was crazy because people who live and work here understand and appreciate the company being willing to accommodate us, and we tip well. I told her I work as the receptionist and money is usually left with me and it's rare that a tip is LESS than $5. I told her to ask the drivers.

She finally gave me a total and then said it would be 80-90 minutes until it would be there, and hung up on me.

I fumed, discussed this situation with my colleagues and we called to cancel our order. And then ordered from the only other locally owned pizza joint- Godmothers- and they said after what happened and to thank us for our business, they would glad breach their delivery area from now on, and bring us food.

I will never be eating at Sally's again. I understand if you no long want to deliver here but the rude and snotty attitude from Alecia was inexcusable, especially her hanging up on me. It was unnecessary to keep changing the order rules: coupon, delivery fee, minimum order. As the new manager, you need to be ready for a change from me: I won't be there any more and I will tell everyone I know about this and maybe your business won't be there anymore either. And remember, I can tell all 200 people who live in work at Alcatraz what happened with a click of one email button. And they'll tell people and so on...

And I will make sure every single person knows that Godmother's saved the day.

I'm not impressed with you, the new owners of Sally. And that's too bad because not only have you lost my dedication, you have lost my business.

Maggie Mae O'Sullivan


Curley said...

Need to know which one this is so I can boycott it too.

Bragger said...

I do hope you actually send this to them. Buttheads.

booknut said...

I've had plenty of problems at "Sally's". The service is horrible. One time, they never brought food for my kids, so my aunt and I fed them off our plates. The waitress didn't come back until we were almost done eating. Turns out that she never placed the kids' order. I was so mad. And getting rid of the $4.99 buffet is ridiculous because that place was always packed at lunchtime!