Monday, September 10, 2012

Diet week 19

Last June, Photographer gave me three bags of clothes and none of them fit. I tried everything on and kept clothes that I liked that I hoped would someday fit.

Then one morning last week, I was running around getting ready for work and was late AND because I was a bum who didn't get her laundry finished, I was trying to find a shirt to go with pants. I had put on about 4 different ones and didn't like any of them.

I saw a blue shirt that would match nicely on the top of the pile of stuff that didn't fit. I grabbed it and thought if it fit a tiny bit better than it did a few months ago, I could layer a sweater over it and survive the day.

A few months ago, it pulled really tightly through the bust and the arms were so snug it made my arm fat bulge, and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tight through the hips. When I put it on a few days ago, it fit perfectly. It hung nicely, not snug, no pulling. Just perfectly!

Nothing tastes as good as thin fits.


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Bragger said...

THAT is so much more satisfying than a number. Congrats!