Monday, September 24, 2012

Diet Week 21

Well... I'm happy to report that I've officially lost 31 pounds. We can't count the entire month of July. If there was a month version of me, my diet and July it would be something like "The Girl Who Ate Independence" or "The Girl Who Swallowed July"... I gained weight, and then lost again...

But the total is 31 pounds if we count all the weight I've lost, gained back, and then re-lost. That's 2 whole pants sizes!!!!!!

And I am thrilled!

I have all sorts of cool problems, now.

Let's see... none of my pants fits. I can add a belt to my jeans and that is solved, mostly. A couple pairs look like I have a load in the seat, or a "wee-nis" (when your pants create the illusion of a penis by tenting in the front and you're a woman) but for the most part, I can get by with jeans fine. With tailored dress pants it's a whole other story. They ride low on my hips so they are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, even with 3 inch heels. The crotch hangs to mid thigh and the seat is really baggy. Most of my dress trousers do NOT have belt loops so they slide to my hips regardless. Lots of shirts just are TOO BIG.  Shirt sleeves reach the elbow, the armpit hangs to my hips, they swim on me! Again, I am completely NOT complaining- it's a very cool problem to have. And thankfully my birthday is in 2 days so I might get $$$ for clothes! And thankfully Photographer has gifted me 3 garbage bags of clothes that I've been pulling stuff out of to wear. And Third thankfully, I found a few vintage clothing shops that are super reasonable so I have a place to get some affordable, nice quality clothing (I got a pair of Cato jeans, a pair of Tommy jeans, and a pair of Lane Bryant Blue Dot Right Fit- all in a size smaller- all three pairs for $19. And the Tommys still had the store tags still on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love, love, love the weight loss. I'm not sure how much more I can continue to lose without exercising. At this point, I have a feeling about 10 more pounds then I'm going to have to start walking or swimming or something. (I wish I lived where I could paddle a kayak!)

But it's coming off. Slow and steady wins the race, I know. And with the holidays approaching, if I'm totally honest, I just want to maintain (and lose if possible) but with cookies and candy and yummies, it will be a struggle.

But I'm still hitting it hard, eating right, doing shakes and it seems to be paying off!! Off the hips, off the thighs,...!



Bragger said...

Awesome, awesome news. You go, girl!

Curley said...

Proud of you! You do Look Fine!

Curley said...

Happy Birthday to you on Wednesday.

Shan said...

That is a huge accomplishment! Didn't really mean the pun there. What hard work you have put in!! I commend you. When my husband loses that much weight he just feels so much better all around. I wish I could go vintage store shopping with you. I probably need to shoot for a size or two up though. I don't want to discourage you about the forties, but on me the figure is naturally fuller! ;]