Friday, November 25, 2011

I prefer a PINK Friday, thank you very much!

As I said earlier this week: I am NOT Black Friday shopping today. I don't want to participant in the rampant commercialism and embark on a capitalistic materialistic journey to Christmas. I hate crowds and I'm broke, too.

I'm going to make today a PINK Friday. I'm going to wear pink, drink something pink, and eat something pink. I'm going to lay around the house and be lazy. My biggest adventure might be to go to the Diary Queen for a Pink Blizzard and drive thru the cemetery to see if my cousin's headstone as been laid (Um, this isn't as morbid as it sounds.) I might read, or craft. I might watch all the DVRed tv I've stored up, which includes about 4 episodes of Prime Suspect (I love Maria Bello but I hate that stupid hat) and 3 of Once Upon a Time (which was also my idea for a TV show). I might write. I just plan on enjoying the day. I might cook a little something... who knows?

I even have a bag of Cherry Cordial Hershey kisses which come in pink wrappers. I am soooo ready. I'm gonna sleep in and wear pink jammies.

But I plan for it to be relaxing and fun. And relaxing and fun can be pink.

I say "Down with Black Friday" and brighten up the day with YOUR favorite color!



Bragger said...

I much prefer YOUR kind of Friday. I did go Black Friday shopping, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, guess who got worn and and drooped first? NOT the 50-year-old who didn't want to go in the first place! Ha ha ha ha

Happy Thanksgiving, Mags!

Curley said...

Do you know that there are cherry cordial M&M's also. Yumm! Got some today. Yes, we went to WallyWorld. Not for gift shopping. Food. I guess I didn't plan very well and ran out of milk and needed more Cool Whip.

Maggie said...

Bragger- whoot whoot- go you! show those young'uns how it's done!

Curly- well by God you HAD to go-- you needed Cool Whip. I would've braved Wally World today for Cool Whip!!! :)