Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Damn, Jack Frost!

Holy Freakin' Snow Storm, Batman!!!!

Yesterday morning when I got up it was pouring down rain, cats and dogs type of rain. It was outrageous and just buckets falling. It was about 45 degrees outside. The weather was really for shit. It was still raining at noon.

Around 1pm several of us were in the hallway during passing period and it had turned to snow. We were all laughing that it would never stick because it was so warm that morning and just too wet to stick.

Boy, were we wrong. The following pictures all happened between 4-5pm.

These three were taken on the way home, out the windshield of the car.

These are pictures I took on campus before I drove home:

And these are of my backyard:

Wind was gusting around 30 mph. Everything in the county was cancelled or closed early. We're supposed to have about 8 inches by this morning. (I have no idea how much there is because we have a 2 hour snow delay and this will post before I get out of bed!) It snowed and snowed and snowed, allegedly all night. I can usually drive home in about 15 minutes (10 minutes if I don't hit all the lights red.). Yesterday it took me about 45 minutes. Plows had not run; it involved me being on county, state and city roads- not one single plow at all. Ugh! Traffic was at a stand still. One road in town is a steep hill and the police cars were all over the place directing cars away from it as those of us at the bottom of the hill watched cars slide down it backwards. I was really happy that I left the house in my rubber muck boots because of the rain this morning because I was ankle deep in slush this afternoon. Not kidding- ankle deep! Can we say mess?????

Winter arrived here in Civilization with a vengeance. Wonder how long it will stay?


Bragger said...

While I'm not a big fan of snow, I'm kind of jealous. We heard about the possibility of "flurries," but I saw nary a snowflake on the *#&*@* field trip we went on yesterday. Just a cold, miserable rain.

Curley said...

Also took us about 45 min. to get home and we were in a 4-wheel drive. Someone told me yesterday that if we get our first measurable snow this late in the month that we would get that many measurable snows during the season. That would mean 29 snows this winter since it happened on the 29th. UGH! I hope not.

Mellodee said...

I'm not good with cold, or snow, or ice, or icy streets. Your photos (lovely as they are) reminded me why I left Chicago twenty years ago and ultimately landed in Texas! We still get snow occasionally, but it never lasts more than a few hours. That I can handle!

And I don't have to worry about my fella keeling over while shoveling mountains of snow!

Jimmie Earl said...

I don't envy your drive to and from the campus where you work. Even though it's only 5 miles from home, those county roads are always a mess. There's really no good way to come and go when the snow is flying. Be careful this winter!
And to Curley: Please tell me that's an "old wife's tale" about the snowfall. If I thought we'd have 29 snowfalls this winter, I would definitely stay in Texas and never come home until June!

sam said...

Holy shit.