Monday, November 21, 2011

And now we return to your regularly scheduled program

ITSam and I broke up, he quit his job and he moved to the state capital.

Mac quit school and is back at home, looking for a new job and a new school.

I'm going crazy.

I need to tell you about bellybuttons, a couple of road trips, some excellent homemade hard cider, cherry cordial Kisses, work, a winter Prom, and quite possibly an upcoming journey to Nairobi, Kenya.

Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet here.

How are things with you?

Baby, I'm back!


Bragger said...


And it's obvious you've just been sitting around doing NOTHING during your hiatus.


Been meaning to email you so you can fill me in. Or I'll just read it here!

Mellodee said...

Oh my! You have quite a lot going on! That's waaay to many things all at once.

AZhottie said...

Glad you are back! Hope your craaazy life calms down soon. You were missed while you were gone :-)

Curley said...

Glad you are back. I get to talk to you all the time but I still love reading your stuff.

sam said...


I am so happy that you're back!


Wiley said...

Um WTF, Mac quit school?! What happened?!

And I'm really, really glad you're back, too. I missed your blog so much, despite the fact I only get to check blogger about once a month these days.

Maggie said...

Bragger- thanks. It's nice to come back after being a lady of leisure... hehehehe!

Mellodee- it has been a lot...

AZHottie: thanks! it's good to be back!

Curly- it's nice to be back!

Sam/p- it's good to be back!

Wiley- I'm glad that you're school is going well; I'll send you an email about mac's school NOT doing well!!! I hope you can stop more often than monthly, now that I'm back! heehee!

Thanks to everyone- it's good to be here!

Shan said...

I have missed you so much Maggs!! I didn't know you had returned as I thought I only just checked for your blog a week ago at the most! Whew! Glad you didn't have to start a new one altogether!!
I'm sorry Mac's school didn't work out. He seemed to have it out for school as soon as it began. Maybe he'll find something closer that he likes.
I would NEVER in a million guess Kenya for you but one of my best friends grew up there and considers it home so I guess it's possible to like it. :} Glad to get caught up on everything! xx