Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gimme a classroom, anywhere

I've missed teaching and I decided I'm not good at in between. What I mean by this is that if I'm going to work in a school I need to be a teacher, in my own classroom. Working in the library is AWESOME and I love it, but I love teaching more. Working the school library is like being a diabetic in charge of a bakery.

I had to laugh because a good friend of mine spent a day at a conference and one of the workshops she went to was all about teaching literature. As I listened to all the cool ideas she learned, I thought,"Ive done that" or "I do that" or "Hmmm, I've always done it that way." And the one workshop she attended that I could most relate to was taught by a 35 year veteran teacher who's been in AP classes since the beginning. And I did all the same things she did. SHE gets to be a conference leader and lauded for her awesome ideas and I can't set foot in a classroom because I don't have the right, damn license, which is so NOT fair. (And as we all know that I know, life isn't fair but it still sucks.)

So I've been looking around for teaching jobs again wondering where I can go. And I found a very credible source and company that puts Americans, Brits and Aussies in international schools to teach English. And I found that I qualify to work for this organization. And I learned of several openings, the one I am most interested in is located in Kenya. Yes, as in Africa. And no I don't care about heat or lack of air conditioning or bugs.

This is an amazing opportunity. This is chance to teach as well as have an adventure. This is what I always wanted- to save the world and this might be my way to finally do it. This is a way to give back. It's a way to be in a classroom. It's a way to help others, to share the love of language and words and books. It's a way to deal with some of my political ideology and thoughts on American Greed Mentality (uhhh, I'm gonna try to NOT get on a 1% soap box). This is something I want to do.

It does pay. It does provide health insurance.

I applied. Now I wait. Who knows- it might or mightn't happen but either way I had the guts to toss my name in the ring and we'll see what happens.

This time next year I might be blogging from Africa. Hmmmm, I might have to come up with a new blog name...



Bragger said...

I will so so so so so so come and visit you in Kenya. (Not that you invited me, but still...)

I think you should definitely go for it. A teaching job + adventure = HAPPINESS!

Gulo said...

Holy Moses! That sounds AWESOME!!! BIGGEST ADVENTURE EVER!!!!!! Good luck and I'm a little jealous you are able to even consider those type of things. Welcome back.

Curley said...

Good luck and hope you get it or any teaching job. You know if I had the money I would give it to you so that you could get your teaching certifcate so that you could teach anywhere.

Wiley said...

Do it!!! That would be amazing, and just what you need!

And if all else fails, Australia needs more teachers. Seriously.

Maggie said...

Bragger- consider yourself officially invited, especially if I get it. I would love visitors!!!!!!

Gulo- I can't believe it either. I think I've lost my mind. I did think about Africa or coming back to the Wild West but on the other side of the state! heehee! You should come visit!!!!

Culey- oh I know you would and thank you. I love you! {{hugz}}

Wiley- you think schools in Australia would hire an American teacher? Can you help me with this process???? Email...