Thursday, December 25, 2008

What makes a perfect Christmas?

Why, a new pair of shoes, of course! Daddy-O bought me the cutest pair of shoes for Christmas- red and black plaid blackwatch, open toes with a 4 inch heel. And it's so nice to be back in Civilization where I can wear these!

The whole fam-damily was here all day and we had a nice celebration together. And I played with my new niece, who at three months, adored her pink cowgirl boots her Auntie Mags brought her back from the Wild West. Mac thought his $100 Visa gift card was the coolest thing around and can't wait to go online to buy shit. I got lovely gifts, other than my shoes, too!

Family tradition dictates brunch, and I cooked for the first time, and if I do say so, it was good. I made my world famous pot roast for supper- again, my first time of fixing Christmas supper. Again, it went well.

We tried to go see a movie but when we arrived, having none of us been smart enough to order the tickets on line a week ago, had a choice of Bolt or Twilight. Mac, hating all things Emo, threatened death if we made him see that one. (I'm not sure how Twilight=Emo and I just didn't ask.) So we came back home, cleaned the house of the wrapping paper debris, and I am now just relaxing. I'm debating on a bottle of, uh, I mean a glass of wine.

Hope you all had a great time on this holiday! Enjoy what's left of it and remember to give thanks for family, friends, and give special thanks for

After Christmas Vera Wang sales at Kohls,


rainbowsandthunderstorms said...

OMG, did you say 4 inch heels? Just the thought of that makes shake with fear. There is no way I could walk on shoes that tall. LOL

Maggie said...

Rainbowsand...- Yup about 4 inches and they are just adorable. I hope I can walk in them since it's been awhile since I've had the chance to wear my fancy-schmancy shoes!