Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Irish Tale

For those of you who know me, you all know my love (or can we call it an obsession?) with Irish accents? Well, last night was... yummy to the ears.

For those of you who know me, also know that I accidentally joined an Irish dating web site. New readers, I was just looking for a pen pal and through a computer misrepresentation and misdirection I ended up on a dating site.

Well, since that happened, I've been emailing Irish Sam, several times a day. Oh, and I'm not a stalker, he's been emailing me back! We've been chatting about everything. Then after emailing, we used MSN and chatted in real time since there are 5 hours between us, it was fun to be able to do that.

Last night, in a moment of spontaneity, he sent me his phone number. There was no way I was calling it because of cost and just the potential weirdness of it. Then he asked for mine and I thought "what the hell." It's a Wild West number which I'll be changing soon, so who cares? And he called.

We chatted for about 20 minutes. He had a voice that could make me believe in God, that could melt chocolate, that was more perfect than a Manolo sale. OMG- he was delectable to listen to. And we had a nice visit. He's a huge Colts fan and being a Midwestern girl who is back in Civilization, it was quite funny to hear him go on and on about FB. He thought I had a beautiful accent- silly man! Oh, and his really exciting news is that he's coming to the States in November and hopes we can meet. He has a business trip to Austin, TX and is taking a side trip to Indianapolis to see a Colts game, and was hoping we could meet. It's about 11 months away and who knows what could happen in that time, but I thought it was hilarious that he couldn't wait to tell me!

But it was fun to have a chat. And it might be fun to see him, a year from now. He is a cutie; I've seen lots of pictures of him and he is a handsome bloke...


In other news, I saw another movie. I didn't realize how much I missed going to the cinema until I've gotten back and can go any time I want. In a mere 20 minute drive, I have 23 screens at my disposal. I love going to see a movie and it's grand, and I take great pleasure in such. So Mac and I went to see Yes Man, a Jim Carey comedy. Now, I think of this as total "guy humor" but I do think this was funny, and I laughed in spite of myself. And after the other 2 stinkers we saw, this was a nice change of pace.

And I might just go see a movie today alone- Marley & Me or Twilight?

An Irish girl at heart,


The W.O.W. factor said...

OMG!!! How stupid can I get??? This was there for the clicking on the other page and I didn't catch it!!
Welcome Home Maggie!!! Hmmmm...odd..
Now...i've got to catch up!!!

Maggie said...

WOW- I was going to email you the link but I'm glad you found it yourself! Glad to have you back. I wrote you a nice long email and then went to answer the phone before I sent it- and the battery on my laptop died and I lost the entire thing, like an idiot!

Glad you found me! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe we should hit the movies when we get together Saturday. You still owe me a date/movie from two years ago missy!!