Monday, November 3, 2014

How do you pimp your ride?

I've been trying to figure out how I want to make Scout my own. Right now, she's very non-descript. She could be almost any blue Chevy Sonic. I have a scraper and an umbrella in the window. I have Giles's vet records in the back seat pocket. I have a USB cord in the mini glove box. I have an apartment building permission parking tag hanging from my rear-view mirror,  but it's very small. My sunglasses are in the console. And I have a magnet bumper sticker that reads "My Greyhound is faster than your honor's student." There is nothing else I have that is significantly expressive of who I am.

(An aside-- also, if you look in my car or the trunk, there is no trash, no paper bits, no cups, nothing. It's spotless and trash-free.)

I don't want to do anything until I feel like it just says "me." I look around at other folk's cars and think "uhhhh no" I don't want that. People put all sorts of bumper stickers on the cars. I saw a car with a giant pink fuzzy mustache on the front bumper. Some hubcaps are pretty fancy in color or every spin. Some people jack their cars up or they bounce or have a glowing light under it. People hang all sorts of crap from their rear-view mirrors or put something on their antennas. Also to be notes are fuzzy steering wheel covers, fuzzy seat covers, and fuzzy dashboard covers. Uhhh- no to all that is fuzzy.

But there is also a part of me that says I should come up with something because I want to be able to find my car in a parking lot. The other day I was at Panera Bread and when I left I tried to get in a car that wasn't mine. I NEED something that, perhaps, makes it stand out a bit to me? Not sure what that would be.

Do you pimp your car? And if so, how? Suggestions welcome.



Jimmie Earl said...

Find just the right tiara and fasten it to your dash. If there was such a thing as a tiara hood ornament, you would have one as a gift from me. Or maybe hang a snowflake from your rear view mirror! Just sayin'...

Curley said...

Tiara for sure. Dad just beat me to it.

Wiley said...

My ride (Trev III) features constant companions who are always along for the ride and sit on my dash - Dill the Armadillo (Texas native who loves to travel), mini Aussie bear, and Rex the Dinovember expert. I have a very faded bumper sticker on my rear window proclaiming "I'm an Aussie veteran and proud of it", a Texas A&M magnet on the boot, oh and there is always a tool belt with my Habitat gear on the back seat. I like to travel with a lot of stuff in my car, I guess.

A said...

So far the only thing my new ride has is a "tree of life" chime handing from the rearview mirror and a "be a nurse" license plate.